[Distutils] Packaging situation + mailing list rules

anatoly techtonik techtonik at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 14:09:33 CEST 2010

Great post, Tarek. Following good old newsgroups/FIDOnet tradition it
could be nice to see this transformed to Rules/FAQ document that will
be reposted automatically here by a robot about once a month.

Without such documents your proposal will be weakly supported, because
people will still have questions, and you will need to answer them
reasonably to eliminate the source of conflict for making
collaboration moving into the right direction (which you also need to

1. Why the rules?
> From time to time this mailing list is getting very unpleasant to work
> in because some old disagreements, and because some people are
> starting to get really nasty.

2. What are those 'disagreements' people can agree upon?

3. "Python <= 2.7 contains Distutils" - is there anything wrong with that?

4. "Distutils is frozen, and won't evolve anymore" - mmm, ahem.. well.. ok.

5. But you know - I am somewhat familiar with distutils code - it is
much easier for me to continue patching it than start using something
that will only appear in some distant 3k Python I have no desire to
play with now. I need to solve real world problems and these are all
with Python 2.x

6. Why Distribute forks Setuptools? It is said `for various reasons`,
but I can't get it.
> There's no need to send a mail here, because this is done.
> If you send a mail here expect things become nasty.

7. But I want to know!
> No you don't.

8. Nooooo. I want!
> See. It is already starting..

9. But I want to know it. :-(
> Make sure to read the archives first, to understand why it was done.

10. Maan, that's too long, pydotorg archives suxx - may I have a summary?
> Well, does anybody want to post recent Shakespeare script here?

11. It is said that people may disagree that Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora
are using Distribute? But why??

12. BTW, is Setuptools still alive?

13. What are those Distribute, Setuptools and Distutils2 anyway?

After this FAQ it would be really nice to see editable draft of
Roadmap/Status document that people can get for an overview of the
current state and choose the tasks they feel most important for
further collaboration.

P.S. http://groups.google.com/group/the-fellowship-of-the-packaging is
more international than

anatoly t.

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