[Distutils] buildout dependencies trouble

John Griessen john at industromatic.com
Sun Jul 11 21:18:40 CEST 2010

I've been making a buildout.cfg for deploying web sites and hit some snags.

django-page-cms is a package I want, and getting it via buildout
found eggs for other apps, but needed source for django-page-cms.
 From there, some requirements, (don't know where they are in the code),
pulled in packages django-haystack, django-messages, whoosh, django-mptt-2,
and coverage.

I think to build the source only absolutely requires django-mptt-2.

whoosh and coverage have had problems.  buildout found whoosh as
a zipped egg and left it zipped even though putting it in the common eggs
directory where all others are unzipped and a python path points to them
for use when code runs.  To get a complete build, I manually unzipped.
I'm not moving eggs and downloads to my server, so buildout on the
server needed the same treatment.

coverage was found OK from my local machine, but not from the server.
I'm not sure yet why.

I'll try using bin/buidout -D  (Debug errors.)  soon.

Any other suggestions?


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