[Distutils] Beta release of zc.buildout 1.5.0

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 16:07:06 CEST 2010

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 14:05, Gary Poster <gary.poster at canonical.com> wrote:
> To my knowledge, these packages don't support that spelling.  bin/test is the way to run the tests for the Zope packages AFAIK.  Do you, or others, disagree?  The fact that you have to modify setup.py in order to run your example seems to support my perspective.

I only need to modify it to run it with unreleased modules.

> If you disagree, I'll see if I can address, but I'd rather not add that to the release blockers if I don't have to.

I disagree, because bin/test uses zc.recipe.testrunner and buildout,
which means that you must have those modules working before you can
test if they work. You get a horrid bootstrapping problem, and zope.*
is full of them. This has stopped Python 3 adoption, and I have in
fact been spendning most of the time on this getting rid of these
circular testing dependencies.

Porting to Python 3 is easy, as long as you don't have circular
dependencies, modules that use themselves to set up the development
environment or doctests. Unfortunately the zope world is full of all

To add confusion, I made a custom test command that runs the
testrunner, and I tried doing the same from zc.recipe.testrunner, but
weirdly enough it didn't make a difference. However, it works under
Python 2.6, both ways.
(All versions have distribute 0.6.10 installed in site-packages)

So, complete and utter confusion. This does not fit my brain. :-)

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