[Distutils] PyPI template improvements

Simon de Vlieger simon at ikanobori.jp
Fri Jun 18 08:51:34 CEST 2010

On 17 jun 2010, at 17:38, Barry Warsaw wrote:

> This requests that when a package has uploaded documentation, that the
> Cheeseshop page for the package automatically link to the  
> documentation page.

I'll look into this.

On 17 jun 2010, at 17:38, Barry Warsaw wrote:

> Can you add Chromium 5 to that list?

This as well (it's another webkit browser but I will test it  

On 17 jun 2010, at 19:56, Ian Bicking wrote:

> * Make the textareas not do a hard wrap in the package info edit  
> screen.  Right now you can't edit (or even save without editing) the  
> metadata for packages with long lines without breaking them, which  
> includes breaking long URLs.

I'll look into this.

> * Kind of relatedly, make long descriptions wrap in some fashion.   
> Right now if you have a plain-text long_description for your project  
> without newlines it just gets really wide.  I think that'd be  
> fixable with just CSS.

It will be fixable with just CSS.

It seems I have compiled a nice list of things to fix over the weekend  
and I'll rummage in the sourceforge issues list to find some more HTML- 
related issues.  I'll let the appropriate people know when I finish my  
patches and I'll discuss further template adjustments (in the design  
area) with the more appropriate catalog-sig list.


Simon de Vlieger

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