[Distutils] Buildout not working with Bash wrapper for `python'

Gustavo Narea gustavonarea at 2degreesnetwork.com
Mon Jun 21 12:23:20 CEST 2010


On -10/01/37 20:59, Fred Drake wrote:
>> > Linux supports interpreters being scrips since 2.6.28.
> Too recent to be deployed on many production servers, unfortunately.
> But progress none-the-less.

I don't know if Debian backported that, but our servers run 2.6.26 and
this works like a charm. And our Ubuntu machines have recent kernels,
so that is not a problem for us.

Anyway, the problem is that some packages (not all) cannot be installed
by Buildout when the wrapper is in use. I've investigated to see what
those packages have in common, but I haven't been able to find anything.

One of those packages is django-audit:

Do you have any idea why this is failing?

Thanks in advance.

Gustavo Narea.
Software Developer.
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