[Distutils] mr.developer questions

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Wed Mar 17 00:00:08 CET 2010

Op 16-03-10 20:18, John Griessen schreef:
> I made a buildout including mr.developer, changed some of my django app
> files
> such as urls.py, reran buildout and changes gone, so I misunderstood.

Anything in the 'parts' directory is fair game for being removed and 
recreated when buildout is running and it thinks this part needs 
updating.  Perhaps this tripped you up?

> What is the VCS underlying mr.developer, SVN?, and how to you tell it to
> add files and commit via mr.developer?

mr.developer can handle svn, mercurial, git and cvs. I don't see bazaar 
in the list; maybe you are using that?

I remember seeing some reports about problems with git support (usually 
quickly fixed by Florian Schulze) and the recent 1.11 release was 
followed a day later by a release fixing svn checkouts.  So you may want 
to see if the version you are using is the latest.  See 

Adding files or committing is not something that mr.developer does.  So 
in the case of svn you just go to for example src/your.package and you 
do an 'svn commit' from there.

Maurits van Rees

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