[Distutils] [Python-Dev] At least one package management tool for 2.7

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 00:30:36 CET 2010

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:20 AM, Robert Kern <robert.kern at gmail.com> wrote:
> The problem with doing that currently is that distutils complains when it
> receives an option that it doesn't recognize.

No because these are options you pass to easy_install only in your
distutils.cfg file:



> Packages that do not use
> setuptools will fail if you try to provide setuptools-specific
> configuration:
> $ python setup.py install
> running install
> error: error in /Users/rkern/.pydistutils.cfg: command 'install' has no such
> option 'single_version_externally_managed'

You need to use [easy_install] in your  .pydistutils.cfg, not [install].

The easy_install command is called internally by the install command
in distribute/setuptools.

Meaning that the options will be read and used transparently.


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