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Martin Raspaud martin.raspaud at smhi.se
Fri Mar 26 15:09:50 CET 2010

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Tarek Ziadé skrev:
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 2:04 PM, Martin Raspaud <martin.raspaud at smhi.se> wrote:
> [..]
>> What I want to do is to generate tarballs for our production servers (that have
>> no compiling tools).
> I am not sure but, if you are planning to distribute a buildout for
> you production server, what you could do is
> zip a buildout you have built in a similar environment (==a binray
> release of your buildout)
> that contains all the eggs in eggs/  and possibly a download cache
> within the buildout (download/)
> Then unzip in on your production server, and with the proper options
> set in you cfg file, you can
> make sure the server will not access pypi or anythong else, and use
> the local cache and eggs,
> That's how I do (with some scripts located in collective.releaser),
> and they are alternatives.

Packaging an entire buildout environment is not really an option I think, since
we have several projects using the same eggs, and we think it would be cleaner
to share them (I'm thinking especially of big eggs, like scipy and numpy).

On the other hand, I looked at collective.releaser and it is tempting. I will
talk about this with my boss.

>> The tarball should hold
>> /myproject/myproject-0.3.0-py2.6-macosx-10.3-fat/<all files>
>> in a compiled form (as would be the result of setup.py bdist)
>> The info you gave me is usefull for locally developped packages that I can
>> install as develop eggs.
>> However some of them should be retreived from git, but I thought downloading
>> them first, then put them as develop eggs.
> These packages are part of your buildout project or not ?  If they
> are, you can use a project like "mr.developer" to get those locally.

Yes there are. I didn't know about mr.developer, looks nice, thanks !
As for git, I am using zerokspot.recipe.git to retrieve them as develop eggs.

> But again, I am not sure about your release process and how these
> packages are included in your environment so..
> If you just want to create standalone binary distributions of single
> python packages, I am not sure how buildout is related, and why you
> are doing a recipe.

Buildout is interesting to me because I can develop, test and use packages in a
clean environment. I don't need to take care of any PYTHONPATH, all dependencies
are installed automatically, and so on. So it is a great tool for development,
and I got this from your book (which is really great by the way).
As such I want to have a recipe for automatically creating packages to deploy on
our servers.
I see that it is indeed not buildout's philosophy build isolated eggs, but it is
not the only thing I use it for :), it is a mere packaging tool for our
production system I am building.

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