[Distutils] Script for easy access to the coverage report on distutils2

Yannick Gingras ygingras at ygingras.net
Sun May 23 03:46:54 CEST 2010

Greetings Packagers, 
  as part of our sprinting effort at Montréal-Python, we found it
relevant to give an easy access to the test coverage reports to
sprinters because it really helps them to see what needs more testing
and when kind of breakage then can expect the tests to catch.

I tried to use nose but the naming convention used seem to trigger way
too many false positives so I'm afraid that we have to rule distutils2
as nose-incompatible.

I could add a series of commands to our wiki, which is good for us but
not very helpful to other distutils2 hackers, or I could integrate
coverage in the current `runtests.py` test runner.  Is there anyone
one against adding a --with coverage option to `runtests.py`?


Yannick Gingras
http://montrealpython.org -- lead organizer
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