[Distutils] pip vs easy_install vs distutils2

Carl Meyer carl at oddbird.net
Mon May 31 16:55:09 CEST 2010

Hi Lennart,

Lennart Regebro wrote:
>> You are aware that pip uninstalls?
> Not reliably, as it doesn't keep track of files, so it can't remove
> anything installed outside of the package.

Not true, inasmuch as it depends on pip. When pip installs distributions
it uses the --record option to keep a list of all installed files. When
pip uninstalls distributions it installed, it reliably uninstalls
everything (though it doesn't have the PEP 376 hash cleverness available
yet to detect modified files).

When pip is asked to uninstall packages installed via other methods that
do not provide the full installed-files record, it does so on a
best-effort basis. In the case of easy_installed packages, that means it
uninstalls installed packages and console scripts; in most cases, this
is everything that was installed.

> Indeed. I should have clarified that the name "pypi" I suggested was
> to satisfy up Perl people claiming that Python don't have CPAN. ;-) I
> decided against saying that to not make anyone upset, seems I failed.
> I also did not suggest the inclusion of pip not not make easy_install
> fans angry.
> Seriously, all packaging people: You need to be less tetchy. Not every
> single debate needs to result in a flame war. :-) I'm serious.

Sorry! I wouldn't say I was upset, just concerned that unnecessary
duplication of work be avoided if possible. I am not concerned in some
territorial way about the name of the installer that's included; "pypi"
is just fine with me. I am concerned that it not be needlessly
reimplemented from scratch; we have enough work to do without that!


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