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Alan Franzoni mailing at franzoni.eu
Thu Nov 4 18:16:32 CET 2010

On 11/4/10 5:53 PM, Manlio Perillo wrote:
> For a project using Qt I was unable to use py2exe, and I was unable to
> understand how to use PyInstaller (!).

That's quite a huge issue :-) but I think we've used PyInstaller
internally ad it seemed to work. Have you asked for help on the
pyinstaller ml and got no response? Ping Giovanni directly, then :P

> Moreover, I don't see reasons why the Python interpreter should be
> included in the distribution.

If you're distributing an an app, the end user will probably just want
it to be working without the hassle of installing it by himself - in
this sense distributing the interpreter along the app is good.

If you're distributing a library then you'd probably not need the
eggbuild at all, since developers will very likely know their work.

What specific problem are you trying to address?

> Yes, the problem is that (assuming you are speaking about plain distutils):
> 1) packages dependencies are not handled

I must admit I've never tried auto-building Python extensions, but I've
tried zc.buildout to deliver and it works. I can post an example of how
I do use it and then you can take a peek if it's suitable for your use.

I'll do it tomorrow, now I'm a bit in a rush.

> 2) "external" shared libraries are not handled

External shared libraries might be an issue. If there're enough deps you
might just end up packaging half a system shared libraries in order to
distribute your packages in a self-contained way. It's quite risky, my
approach with RPMs is to let the packaging system handle system-wide
deps, and use zc.buildout to handle python eggs and extensions.

Alan Franzoni
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