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Piotr Ożarowski piotr at debian.org
Wed Nov 17 12:29:06 CET 2010

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[Damian Johnson, 2010-11-16]
> My project currently installs to the default '/usr/share/pyshared' [2] but

/usr/share/pyshared is Debian tools' internal location and you should
not use it (i.e. it's not and will never be in sys.path)

> according to the debian policy for private python modules [3] it should be
> installed to '/usr/share' instead (my program is an application and there's

/usr/share/binary_package_name/ to be exact

> no reason for it to be importable by other modules). The problem with doing
> this is that the egg-info metadata is hardcoded in
> 'distutils/command/install.py' to be added on install, and having an
> egg-info file on '/usr/share' causes a lintian error when generating the
> deb.

--install-lib=/usr/share/yourpackagename/ --install-data=/usr/share/yourpackagename/
(and maybe --install-scripts=/usr/share/yourpackagename/) should do the
right thing (i.e. don't install directly to /usr/share/ as it could couse
namespace prioblems with other private modules)
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