[Distutils] [Zope-dev] Buildout syntax question

Attila Oláh attilaolah at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 16:10:15 CEST 2010


On 10/21/10 14:22, Sylvain Viollon wrote:
> Hello,
>    That might be a stupid question, but how do I escape ${ in a buildout
>    configuration file so it doesn't look for a buildout option ?

I have managed to do that by assigning "$" to a buildout variable,
something like

dollar = $
mystr = ${section:dollar}{foo:bar}

Not very nice but works. I can't find the exact example right now, so
maybe you'll have to fiddle with it, like escaping the dollar sign in
the variable, or putting it in quotes or something, but you get the idea.

>    I found nothing in the README, and if I use something like $${ I
>    have as result $${, and I just would like to get ${. Something like
>    \${ doesn't work as well.

I couldn't find it either. Anyone knows how to properly do this?


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