[Distutils] buildout removes parts on any change

felix crucialfelix at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 16:48:21 CEST 2010


I'm quite fond of buildout, but a few things have taken me some months to
really figure out.

Buildout will remove any files installed by recipes when it senses that its
top parts or eggs section has changed.

I would love to avoid this as most of these removals are not needed, they
just get the same thing reinstalled afterwards,
lengthen the deploy time considerably and cause nasty surprises for the
server if its actually running.

Perhaps I'm not supposed to be using this for pushing changes to a live
server ?  I'm using django and if anything changed
on the top parts/eggs then it gets reinstalled

(even from the download-cache this takes quite a while and causes bad
burps on the server by removing templates)

I see that there is a buildout::uninstall entry point for recipes to run
extra code,  but no explicit uninstall method for the recipes.

Would it be possible to allow the recipe to implement uninstall if it
chooses to ?  My django deploy could then be made to be lightening quick.

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