[Distutils] buildout removes parts on any change

felix crucialfelix at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 23:17:17 CEST 2010

> For the configuration part, it would be nice if buildout had better
> tools to help you back out of problems or avoid them. For example, a
> dry-run option that told you what would be changed by running buildout
> would be nice.

how about building just one part (or even building it to a tmp directory and
moving on success)

eg. lxml
I didn't know this would fail, it worked on OS X

./bin/buildout -c live.cfg -build-egg lxml
./bin/buildout -c live.cfg -build-part libevent

this would fetch and build just that egg/part and we could watch it fail or
before proceeding and doing the whole buildout that is supposed to use this
new egg.

also then an actual deploy wouldn't have to wait for compiling etc. which
shouldn't happen
during a live-server deploy

caveat: its not harmless if its a rebuild of something in use or the egg
will kick another egg out of the nest
also: if the part triggers other existing dependencies then they will get

dry run to a different buildout directory also sounds good, and probably not
to tricky to do.

thanks very much for your time jim !  and for buildout, I've been using it
for about 6 months
and the server configs are much more sane now.

many many eggs,
plus scripts for server checking, cron jobs

its unmanageable without buildout

> Jim
> --
> Jim Fulton
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