[Distutils] Including symlinked data files in an egg

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Thu Apr 21 18:00:31 CEST 2011


 Le 20/04/2011 10:56, Wichert Akkerman a écrit :
> I've finally gotten around to doing this. I have attached test.tar.gz
> with a minimal package that demonstrates this.

 Distutils is frozen except for bug fixes (i.e. discrepancies between 
 the documentation and the behavior), but distutils2 is open to feature 
 requests.  Can you open such a request on bugs.python.org, with a 
 rationale (use cases)?  (Note that if you include files such as your 
 test, one or more files or diffs is preferred to binary archives.) 
 Thanks in advance.


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