[Distutils] pkg_resources on Windows

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 15:37:09 CET 2011

On 12/14/2011 02:33 PM, Andrea Crotti wrote:
> Thanks a lot, it's create to get an actual exe file in the PATH :)
> The problem is that now everything seems to work but I get an error 
> from PyQt which
> I normally should not really have.
>   File 
> "C:\python25\lib\site-packages\traitsbackendqt-3.1.0n1-py2.5-win32.egg\enthought\pyface\ui\qt4\workbench\split_tab_widget.py", 
> line 32, in __init__
>     QtGui.QSplitter.__init__(self, *args)
> TypeError: argument 1 of QSplitter() has an invalid type
> QEventDispatcherWin32::unregisterTimer: invalid argument
> QEventDispatcherWin32::unregisterTimer: invalid argument
> Looks like it's loading something different than what it should do, 
> but it's weird because launching the command everything
> works normally.
> Any idea of what it could be?

Sorry my fault, I had

if __name__ == '__main__':

and of course given the main() function as entry point the other thing 
was not executed...
Works perfectly now thanks again
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