[Distutils] easy_install unable to install from sourceforge?

oliver oliver.schoenborn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 22:30:27 CET 2011

Any idea how to get "easy_install <package-name>" to work when
<package_name> is stored on SourceForge.net?

I have a python package, pypubsub, that I have been hosting on SourceForge.
I would rather leave the files there as I prefer the stats available,
rather than storing the files on pypi. I am able to install pubsub several
ways: via "python setup.py install", by downloading the egg/zip to my
computer and easy_install on egg/zip, or by storing the file on pypi
(tested just to see if it was an SF.net issue). So there is nothing wrong
with pubsub's setup.py.

But I am unable to install Pubsub using "easy_install pypubsub". This is
what I get from "easy_install pypubsub" (latest setuptools, python 2.6):

C:\Program Files\wxPython2.8 Docs and Demos\demo>easy_install pypubsub
Searching for pypubsub
Reading http://pypi.python.org/simple/pypubsub/
Reading http://pubsub.wiki.sourceforge.net
Reading http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=197063
Reading http://pubsub.sourceforge.net
Reading http://sourceforge.net/projects/pubsub/files/pubsub/3.1.1b1/
Reading http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pubsub
Best match: PyPubSub 3.1.1b1.win32
Processing download
error: Couldn't find a setup script in

Firstly the best match should be 3.1.2, available from several of those
http links. Secondly easy_install complains about a missing setup script,
this is bogus because it works fine directly on the file.  Setuptools
0.6.11c code shows that it does extra step when installing a python dist
stored on SourceForge.net that ends in "download", but given the above I
don't think that bit of code works.

I notice that matplotlib, also stored on sourceforge, has same issue; and
that all packages I tried that are hosted on pypi can be easy_installed via
"easy_install <package-name>".

Any ideas how to get "easy_install pypubsub" to work properly when the
egg/zips are on SourceForge.net?

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