[Distutils] extends-cache

Rafael Monnerat rafael at tiolive.com
Fri Feb 11 13:18:34 CET 2011


I would like to check a behaviour on zc.buildout when some URL is used 
in extends.

Here is my scenario:

-- buildout.cfg --
extends =

-- http://url/to/file.cfg --
extends =

-- http://url/to/file2.cfg --
extends =

I found that the file http://url/to/sample1.cfg is downloaded twice in 
the same run when I use buildout or bootstrap.py, even if the file is 
already present into the extends-cache.

1) Is there a way to avoid download twice?

2) Is there a way to not update extends-cache all the time? I found 
"bin/buildout -N" still downloading extends.

PS.: If it looks like a bug, I'm volunteer to fix it.

Rafael Monnerat

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