[Distutils] unable to upload to pypi

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Wed Jul 27 09:01:21 CEST 2011


Our 26 year old grand daughter on a visit from Sydney strongly suggested that 
I should upload my work to pypi.  I think she is right, so I put up a real 
effort to learn the tools to make the package presentable.  I think I did 
finally succeed to wrap my package in a respectable form.  I attach the listing 
of the setup.py.

I think that the install script, the documentation and the package (in Python 
3.2) all work fine - as a test I placed it in my home page - 

documentation : http://akabaila.pcug.org.au/matalg-doc/index.html
the package Matalg-0.1.0.tar.gz  

I am registered user of pypi and have downloaded some packages from there. 
However, try as I have, I can not upload to pypi. I attach the dialog between 
me and my PC of the last few minutes:

I have a ".pypirc" file in my home directory (password obscured):


My PC is named (immodestly) "supremo", the os is kubuntu 11.04 natty, my user 
name on my PC is  "ak", my login name on pypi is "OldAl", the package licence 
is LDPL - and here is the dialog:

ak at supremo:/dat/work/py3/Matrix-Algebra$ python setup.py sdist upload
running sdist
running check
reading manifest template 'MANIFEST.in'
writing manifest file 'MANIFEST'
creating Matalg-0.1.0
creating Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-mod
creating Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-pdf
making hard links in Matalg-0.1.0...
hard linking README.txt -> Matalg-0.1.0
hard linking setup.py -> Matalg-0.1.0
hard linking matalg-mod/Matalg.py -> Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-mod
hard linking matalg-mod/__init__.py -> Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-mod
hard linking matalg-mod/testMat.py -> Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-mod
hard linking matalg-pdf/quickStart.pdf -> Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-pdf
hard linking matalg-pdf/referenceMatalg.pdf -> Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-pdf
hard linking matalg-pdf/userManual.pdf -> Matalg-0.1.0/matalg-pdf
Creating tar archive
removing 'Matalg-0.1.0' (and everything under it)
running upload
Submitting dist/Matalg-0.1.0.tar.gz to http://pypi.python.org/pypi
Upload failed (403): Forbidden
ak at supremo:/dat/work/py3/Matrix-Algebra$ 

It all seem to indicate that either my password is not recognised, my ID is in 
doubt - or the more mundane - I am making the same mistake over and over 

What can I do (other than banging my head against a wall)?

Algis Kabaila, PhD, MEngSc (UNSW)
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