[Distutils] unable to upload to pypi

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Wed Jul 27 14:11:07 CEST 2011

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 07:54:01 PM Reinout van Rees wrote:
> On 27-07-11 09:01, Algis Kabaila wrote:
> > ak at supremo:/dat/work/py3/Matrix-Algebra$ python setup.py sdist upload
> What I always do is not just "sdist upload", but "sdist upload
> register". I think the "register" step is what you're missing.
> Initially, you *need* to use register to get the package registered (and
> created) on pypi, afterwards you can upload. In my experience, sometimes
> you need to call the command twice: the first call registers the package
> but fails in the upload, the second call's upload succeeds.
> After that, everything is rosy.
> Reinout

Changed .pypirc to the original:


The above seems to work, as the pypi server did not offer to choose an item on 
the list of options.  As the following dialog shows, the registration was 

ak at supremo:~$ cd  /dat/work/py3/Matrix-Algebra/
ak at supremo:/dat/work/py3/Matrix-Algebra$ python setup.py register
running register
running check
Registering Matalg to http://pypi.python.org/pypi
Server response (400): Bad Request
ak at supremo:/dat/work/py3/Matrix-Algebra$ 

Thanks for trying.


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