[Distutils] zc.buildout: new option for requiring MD5 sums for downloads

Thomas Lotze thomas at thomas-lotze.de
Wed Mar 9 07:27:17 CET 2011


I wonder whether it makes sense to introduce a new option to the buildout
section, named downloads-require-md5sum or similar. Recipes such as
zc.recipe.cmmi or gocept.download could then be made to require an MD5
checksum for every downloaded resource if that option is set to true, and
treat checksums as optional otherwise.

The responsibility for evaluating that option would have to lie with
recipes, not buildout's download API for two reasons: the download API
should stay as simple as possible, and it must remain possible to use it
for downloading resources such as base configurations (by the extends
option) whose MD5 checksum isn't known beforehand.

Any opinions on whether such functionality would be worth the added weight
of such an option, or maybe insights into why requiring checksums
depending on a buildout option might not be useful after all? Thank you.


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