[Distutils] New buildout options: checksums and allow-omitted-checksums

Leonardo Rochael Almeida leorochael at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 18:10:16 CET 2011

Hi Thomas,

I like your idea in general. I'd like to point to the following
suggestion with patch+test (though it might need some cleanup) that is
not exactly related to what you're proposing, but has to do with the
same thing (relationship between files and checksums):


It suggests (and implements) automatically redownloading files when
checksums don't match (which could happen when you update your config
file with a new checksum for a file that has changed upstream).

Other comments below:

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 16:55, Thomas Lotze <thomas at thomas-lotze.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> [...]
> - "checksums": This option would name a config section that
>  contains checksums for any number of resources by URL. I
>  suggest a default value of "checksum" for it.

Won't 'checksums' (plural) as the value be better? It would keep with
the tradition of matching the name of the buildout option and the name
of the section by default.

> Listing some URL
>  with an empty checksum would explicitly express that the
>  checksum for this resource should never be checked. I'm not
>  sure how to structure the contents of the checksums section:
>  URLs are not valid config keys in general (they can contain "="
>  characters) but I'd still like to be able to rely on the
>  existing mechanism for overriding single options to override
>  single checksums. Mapping arbitrary keys to
>  whitespace-separated pairs of URL and checksum would work but
>  sounds inelegant.

I suggest mapping the checksums (which are valid keys) to URLs, and
having a special key with line-break separated values for explicitly
not checking:

  080d2c6a849ebd6b7fd49049c21b910a = http://example.com/foo/bar.tgz
  no-check =

This will not be so elegant when you want to extend another
configuration and override some decisions, but it works somewhat:

  extends = config-file-above.cfg

  080d2c6a849ebd6b7fd49049c21b910a =
  no-check += http://example.com/foo/bar.tgz

> [...]


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