[Distutils] pythonv: let's also make sure the standard Python install includes an "isolated" python

Carl Meyer carl at oddbird.net
Fri Mar 18 00:53:37 CET 2011

FWIW, I've pushed a reworking of the config-file-finding, with the
following shed-paint color choices:

* File is named <executable-name>.virtual.conf (I kept the .virtual,
despite it being longer and not strictly necessary, because I think it
more clearly expresses the function of the file. The existence or
absence of this file changes Python's behavior significantly, so I think
its name should be quite explicit.)

* <executable-name> has the extension stripped on Windows, but not

* Config file can be located adjacent to the binary or one level up. The
default sys.prefix is always the directory in which the configuration
file is found, but can be overridden with a new "prefix" setting in the
config file (which can be a path relative to the config file's location).

* I eliminated any form of generically-named config file, as I think the
extra possible names (and thus possible sources of confusion) is not
really worth the benefit. The only use case I can think of is if you
have multiple python binaries or symlinks next to each other and want
them all to use the same virtual config - and I can't really think why
you'd want multiple binaries in that case.

Substantive comments on these choices is fine, especially in the form of
presenting real use-cases I'm not currently allowing for.

Testing that reveals a flaw in the basic operation of this style of
virtual environment is much more useful. The bikeshed colors are easy to
change, but I want to be really sure this thing actually does what it's
supposed to reliably before I go presenting a PEP for it.



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