[Distutils] New buildout options: checksums and allow-omitted-checksums

Thomas Lotze thomas at thomas-lotze.de
Fri Mar 18 13:39:26 CET 2011

Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

> I like your idea in general. I'd like to point to the following suggestion
> with patch+test (though it might need some cleanup) that is not exactly
> related to what you're proposing, but has to do with the same thing
> (relationship between files and checksums):
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/zc.buildout/+bug/692600
> It suggests (and implements) automatically redownloading files when
> checksums don't match (which could happen when you update your config file
> with a new checksum for a file that has changed upstream).

Thank you for the pointer, I'll look into it. Fixing this along with other
download-related things before the next buildout release would be a good
thing, I think.

>> - "checksums": This option would name a config section that  contains
>> checksums for any number of resources by URL. I  suggest a default
>> value of "checksum" for it.
> Won't 'checksums' (plural) as the value be better? It would keep with the
> tradition of matching the name of the buildout option and the name of the
> section by default.

Sure, I meant the section name to read "checksums" but a typo crept in.

> I suggest mapping the checksums (which are valid keys) to URLs, and having
> a special key with line-break separated values for explicitly not
> checking:

This would be ugly in my humble opinion because it reverses the meaning of
keys and values and makes the configuration look backwards for a purely
technical reason. Also, the following:

> This will not be so elegant when you want to extend another configuration
> and override some decisions, but it works somewhat:
>   [buildout]
>   extends = config-file-above.cfg
>   [checksums]
>   080d2c6a849ebd6b7fd49049c21b910a =
>   no-check += http://example.com/foo/bar.tgz

becomes even worse when you want to update a checksum specified in a
configuration file that is being extended: you'd have to keep track of two
checksums for each resource, once to invalidate the old one and once to
specify the new one.

Thank you for your input, though!


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