[Distutils] pythonv: let's also make sure the standard Python install includes an "isolated" python

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Fri Mar 18 16:04:34 CET 2011

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 5:33 PM, Carl Meyer <carl at oddbird.net> wrote:
> On 03/17/2011 05:13 PM, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I suggest the following:
>> Look for argv[0]+'.pythonv' and then for '../pythonv.cfg'.
>> So if I've linked the Python executable to ./bin/clean, look for
>> ./bin/clean.pythonv and ./pythonv.cfg.
> Nice - I like the ability to have multiple interpreters side-by-side
> with different pythonv configurations.
> Is ".cfg" generally preferred to ".conf" for some good reason?

I dunno.

> I don't
> personally care too much; the former is shorter but the latter looks
> less ugly to me ;-)

I don't care either.

> And I kind of dislike the inconsistency in extension; would
> "clean.pythonv.cfg" be acceptable?

Anything's acceptable. :)  The main idea is to base the config file name
on the executable name.

> To simplify documentation and allow more flexibility, I might just check
> for all four: first the executable-specific one in both directories,
> then the general one in both directories.

<shrug>  I don't think that's necessary.


Jim Fulton

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