[Distutils] the usecase of continious integration based release-management (which could use more support on the ds2 side)

Ronny Pfannschmidt Ronny.Pfannschmidt at gmx.de
Wed Mar 23 20:20:33 CET 2011


i'd like to propose making the work-flow of creating releases by just
pushing vcs tags to a ci system as easy as possible

personally all i ever want to do to release a new version is::

  $vcs tag $version
  $vcs push

currently that would require various nasty hacks to get the version
meta-data static on sdist and to grab the version number in a setup hook

there are various ways to ease this, the ones i imagined are

a) provide a hook to get the version, make the version static on
 pro: straightforward, simple
 cons: kind of a hack

b) provide support for multiple setup-hooks and support for command
 pro: generic way to do it
 cons: needs more code, more stuff in setup.cfg
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