[Distutils] Buildout status

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed May 11 15:37:55 CEST 2011

On 11/05/2011 14:21, Jim Fulton wrote:
> While the current release of buildout 2 has all the features from 1.5,
> future releases will not. Buildout has to get simpler,

That would be good for everyone :-)

> has to take over maintenance.  Assuming the former, I plan to
> eliminate some high maintenance features, including:
> - Support for multiple Python interpreters within a single buildout


> - Partial isolation from site packages and site.py

-0 - It's a nice idea, and it'd be great to rely on some stuff from 
system python (especially when that's Enthought's Python Distribution) 
or Debian/Ubuntu/Red Hat packages when libraries are hard to compile, 
but this seems to work fine in Buildout's "non-isolated" mode, right?
(ie: if I say I want fancylib 1.3, and the system has 1.2, Buildout will 
try and install?)

>    certain what the default should be. I previously thought buildout
>    should switch to being isolated by default, but given the popularity
>    of using buildout with virtualenv, I'm leaning towards making
>    isolation optional.)

I think people only use virtualenv with buildout because it isn't 
isolated by default.

>    z3c.recipe.scripts will be spun off to a separate project along with
>    it's support code currently living in the zc.buildout package. I'll
>    to whatever I can, by providing hooks, to support this recipe, but
>    the maintenance of this feature has to move out of buildout.


> - Support for both setuptools and distribute
>    I'm going to support one, or the other, or neither.

Neither would get my vote, but then I suspect maintaining the needed 
subset of both to do the things you need to do may be a lot of work :-/


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