[Distutils] distribute's sandboxing doesn't preserve working_set; leads to setup_requires problems

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun May 22 21:06:34 CEST 2011

At 11:28 AM 5/22/2011 -0700, chiggsy wrote:
>Are people still using setuptools?

Yes.  Over the last 9 hours alone, the 0.6 development snapshot 
version (0.6c12dev_r88795) was downloaded from over 100 unique IPs.

They most likely represent people manually upgrading to the latest 
version, since the user agents are mostly older setuptools versions, 
like 0.6c5, 0.6c9 and 0.6c11.

>  I thought that distribute was the new way forward...?

Not really.  Unless you're using Python 3, or you want different 
default options from setuptools, there's little advantage to using 
distribute.  (It also includes bugs that setuptools does not.)

In addition, the announced direction of distribute is that they're 
replacing it with the new "packaging" project, formerly known as distutils2.

Which means, again, that outside of Python 3, there's no compelling 
reason to switch; you might as well wait for "packaging" to roll around.

So, all the hype was pretty much just that: hype and FUD-slinging.

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