[Distutils] windows setuptools.exe

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at gmail.com
Tue May 31 03:48:44 CEST 2011

On 29/05/2011 9:42 AM, James wrote:
> I just tried to download and run the python2.5 0.6c11 setuptools and I
> get a message that there is no record of python in the registry and the
> install cannot proceed. Annoyingly there are two empty text boxes that
> look like one might be able to type a path in but they are disabled.
>   This is on Windows 7 x64, I'm wondering if the binary is looking into
> the 32 bit registry?

A 32-bit binary will be looking in the 32bit registry, as intended. 
Assuming you don't have a 64bit Python 2.5, then your registry entries 
should also be in the 32bit registry.  If you have grabbed the 64bit 
version of Python 2.5, then you are unlikely to find a corresponding 
64bit installer for setuptools as making 64bit extensions with 2.5 was 
incredibly painful - you might be better off looking at 2.6...



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