[Distutils] Distribute 0.6.17

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Tue May 31 11:50:09 CEST 2011

Op 30-05-11 18:06, Tarek Ziadé schreef:
> Hello
> I've pushed 0.6.17, which fixes the Python 3.2.1 compat' and a few
> bugs. Thanks to the people involved in this release.
> If you have any issue with this release, or want to see a particular
> problem fixed in the next one, let me know

When I try to use this in a Plone buildout, I cannot start my Zope 
instance anymore.  Works fine when I revert to 0.6.16.

This is with zc.buildout 1.4.3 or 1.4.4, Plone 3.3.5 (+python2.4) or 
Plone (with python2.6).

The buildout (created with either the plone3_buildout or plone4_buildout 
templates from ZopeSkel, or a client buildout that has worked fine for 
the past year) finished successfully.  Starting the zope instance on the 
foreground fails with an ImportError; for example this one, but I have 
seen others:

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 709, in import_product
     product=__import__(pname, global_dict, global_dict, silly)
line 64, in ?
     import Products.ATContentTypes.content
line 26, in ?
     import Products.ATContentTypes.content.link
line 39, in ?
     from Products.ATContentTypes.content.base import registerATCT
line 63, in ?
     from Products.CMFPlone.PloneFolder import ReplaceableWrapper
line 215, in ?
     from browser import ploneview
line 12, in ?
     from Products.CMFPlone import utils
ImportError: cannot import name utils

When I go in with a pdb in this utils.py everything seems fine but then 
the import error just happens a bit further on, failing to import 
plone.app.layout.  On Plone 4 an import of Shared.DC.ZRDB.Search fails. 
  Again, with distribute 0.6.16 it works fine.

This is on Mac OS X.  Possibly I have strange ways of installing python, 
but it has worked fine so far.  Can anyone else reproduce this?

Maurits van Rees
Web App Programmer at Zest Software: http://zestsoftware.nl
Personal website: http://maurits.vanrees.org/

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