[Distutils] Some distutils2/packaging questions

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Thu Nov 3 18:13:51 CET 2011

Hi Paul,

> I hope this is the right list for usage questions on
> distutils2/packaging. If not, please point me at the correct list.
This list is where various packaging tools are discussed and supported.
 In the few previous years, PEPs that are now implemented in distutils2
were discussed here before going to python-dev, for example.  As you’ve
seen, some distutils2 discussions that have a major impact on Python
and/or where opinions from core developers are needed may also happen on

Sometimes, this list has erupted into flamewars because of setuptools
fans or haters, distribute fans or haters or distutils haters.  For this
reason, Tarek created another list,
http://groups.google.com/group/the-fellowship-of-the-packaging, that was
used by the distribute developers when the project was still active
(before distutils2 was started) and for distutils2 during the GSoC 2010.

So if I get the picture right:
- fellowship is used to discuss the implementation of distutils2
  (features, bugs, code refactoring, user support)
- distutils-sig should be used to discuss patches to packaging PEPs,
  after an agreement is reached on fellowship
- python-dev can be consulted when the other MLs don’t reach agreement

> I'm looking at how I'd translate existing setup.py configurations into
> the new setup.cfg format. One situation I'm not sure how to deal with
> is the package_data argument to setup(). This allows me to specify
> data files which are to be installed as part of a package. How would I
> do this in distutils2/packaging?
This is currently not documented, but you can see an example in
distutils2’s own setup.cfg:

package_data =
    distutils2._backport = sysconfig.cfg
    distutils2.command = wininst*.exe
    distutils2.tests = xxmodule.c

However, there is a bug that prevents this from working right now.

> The resources entry seems like the intended place, but I don't see how
> I can specify the destination without making too many assumptions about
> precisely where the package will get installed.
The resources system is intended to improve data_files and replace
package_data.  See the discussion on http://bugs.python.org/issue11805 .


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