[Distutils] error in windows 7 installation

Manuel López malope at cicese.mx
Mon Apr 16 21:12:46 CEST 2012

Hello Everybody:
I am trying to install distribute-0.6.25 in a windows 7 machine. I have 
python 2.7.3 in 32 bits, although the machine is 64 bits. I installed 
the 32 bit python version because I want to install ipython and there 
is  no 64 bit builds of the Windows installer for ipython.
In any case, upon installing disuitils with
python setup.py install

I get the following error

No such file or directory

Any help will be greatly appeciated. Thanks,


Manuel López Mariscal
Depto. de Oceanografía Física/CICESE
malope at cicese.mx

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