[Distutils] setup.cfg question???

Éric Araujo eric at netwok.org
Tue Apr 17 18:58:13 CEST 2012

Good afternoon,

> In writing the setup.cfg file, how should the attribute for
> 'requires-Python' should look???
> From what I can understand, it should look like:
> requires-Python : '>= 2.6'

This is correct, except for the quote marks.  The documentation does not 
presently include an example for this field; you need to combine the 
information from http://docs.python.org/dev/packaging/setupcfg#syntax 
(which tells you that "requires-python =" and requires-python:" are 
valid, with capitalization and whitespace ignored), 
http://docs.python.org/dev/packaging/setupcfg#metadata (which says that 
the value for this field is defined in PEP 345) and 
http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0345/#requires-python (for the 
version predicate format).


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