[Distutils] Problem installing distribute in python 3.3

Anthony Kong anthony.hw.kong at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 10:55:26 CEST 2012

Hi, all,

I have built python3.3 from source. I want to use pip which has a
dependency on setuptools. This's why I am here.

I have followed these steps here (
http://packages.python.org/distribute/index.html) to initiate the
distribute installation:

curl -O http://python-distribute.org/distribute_setup.py
python3 distribute_setup.py

Up to this point I got a lot byte-compiling exceptions. Here is a partial


to alias.cpython-33.pyc
line 12
    if arg.split()<>[arg]:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

to bdist_egg.cpython-33.pyc
line 410
    if safe is None or bool(safe)<>flag:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


It looks like distribute is shipping python 2 code.

Any suggestion or idea?

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