[Distutils] buildout: several fold performance increases

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Thu Jan 26 01:48:05 CET 2012

Op 21-01-12 20:05, Ross Patterson schreef:
> That speedup is proportional to the number of required dists, so your
> do-nothing might not suffer much.  In fact, I think all of these
> optimizations are at least proportional to the size of your egg cache,
> IOW, the number of possible dists available on your path.

I had over 5000 eggs in an eggs directory that I share over lots of 
buildouts.  I have now removed the oldest 4000 eggs.  Then I reran 
buildout for a few projects; this added several of those eggs again as 
they were still used after all.  Then I compared the time taken by a 
buildout before and after.

A sample output of old data was this:
real    0m59.552s
user    0m29.117s
sys     0m4.197s

and new data was this:
real	0m49.364s
user	0m19.654s
sys	0m3.578s

So that is about a 30% time decrease; I have also seen about 50% decrease.

So removing unused eggs indeed helps.  That is good to know, thanks.

(Note that this is without your zc.buildout speed improvements.)

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