[Distutils] buildout: referencing sub-project with bad directory form

John Calcote john.calcote at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 19:49:12 CET 2012



I'm new to buildout. The project I'm working on uses pywbem
(http://pywbem.sf.net), which seems to have some bad form in its project
directory structure. Since pywbem isn't up on PyPI, I've checked out the
project from sf.net as a subdirectory of my project. Here's a tree listing
of my project directory (the basic structure was built by paster using the


c:\...\my-project>tree /A



|   +---irecv

|   \---testsuite

|       \---testmofs





Note that the pywbem sub-directory has no src directory. Its setup.py looks
like this:


from distutils.core import setup, Extension

import sys, string, os

import shutil


import mof_compiler



args = {'name': 'pywbem',

        'author': 'Tim Potter',

        'author_email': 'tpot at hp.com',

        'description': 'Python WBEM client library',

        'long_description': __doc__,

        'platforms': ['any'],

        'url': 'http://pywbem.sf.net/',

        'version': '0.7.0',

        'license': 'LGPLv2',

        'packages': ['pywbem'],

        # Make packages in root dir appear in pywbem module

        'package_dir': {'pywbem': ''}, 

        # Make extensions in root dir appear in pywbem module

        'ext_package': 'pywbem',





The problem I'm having is that when I add pywbem as a devel directory to my
buildout.cfg file, the sys.path is configured to assume that pywbem has a
src directory so it can't find the module because '.' Is not in the
sys.path. Only my own 'src' directory - and 'pywbem', of course. 


I was about to reorganize the pywbem project a bit, but I thought I'd ask if
anyone has any ideas on how to get buildout to consume pywbem in its current
form. I don't own the project, and I have no developer rights to it, so I'd
like to make as few changes as possible to it.


Thanks in advance,

John Calcote

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