[Distutils] distribute-0625 install problem

Peter Donner peterdonner at utah.gov
Wed Mar 14 16:21:38 CET 2012

Before I read the instructions, downloaded the tarball to
Extracted files to 
>From Dos command window in the C:\temp\distribute-0.6.25 directory issued command python setup.py install
Got error "no module named distutils.util", but util.py is in
Then I read instructions
Downloaded distribute_setup.py  to 
Ran distribute_setup.py in IDLE, got following message in red, which from my very limited python experience seems to be not good
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\temp\distribute-0.6.25\distribute_setup.py", line 494, in <module>
  File "C:\temp\distribute-0.6.25\distribute_setup.py", line 489, in main
    tarball = download_setuptools()
  File "C:\temp\distribute-0.6.25\distribute_setup.py", line 192, in download_setuptools
    log.warn("Downloading %s", url)
  File "C:\Python32\lib\distutils\log.py", line 47, in warn
    self._log(WARN, msg, args)
  File "C:\Python32\lib\distutils\log.py", line 30, in _log
    if stream.errors == 'strict':
AttributeError: errors
My ultimate goal is to install beautifulsoup4 to parse webpages.  Steps I have been told to follow
 1) install python 3.2.2 (with msi installer) 
  2) install distribute-0.6.24 (with "python setup.py install") 
  3) install lxml-2.3-py3.2-win32.egg (with "easy_install lxml-2.3- 
  4) install beautifulsoup4-4.0.0b10 (with "easy_install 
Step 1 is complete.  
Step 2, can't seem to get 0.6.24, so tried 0.6.25.  Seems I have not succeeded, at least don't seem to be able to use easy_install
Any help will be greatly appreciated
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