[Distutils] distutils2 1.0a4 and simple package

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Thu Mar 22 04:27:37 CET 2012

> Thanks for the pointer, is there anyway to use another filename other
> than setup.cfg?
> I am trying to build several related package from a common root?
In the current code the filename must be setup.cfg.  I think the rise of
distributed version control systems and usable packaging tools like pip
and buildout (and setuptools’ namespace package feature) have encouraged
the separation of projects into separate libraries, each one with its
repository and setup.py file.  That may be the reason why setup.cfg is
hard-coded in distutils2.

What do other people think about this?  Is the ability to create more
than one Python distribution from one directory something we really need?

(MAL: I think you use a similar system for your mx releases, please
ignore this if I remembered wrong.)


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