[Distutils] Buildout & develop-eggs troubles

Alessandro Dentella sandro at e-den.it
Sat Mar 31 20:48:23 CEST 2012


I'm trying buildout but I'm having a hard time trying to understand the
logic of develop-egg.

I tested both mr.developer recepy and gp.csvdevelop and I stumbled on the
same problem, so I guess I'm misunderstanding something.

I want to add a development repository named jumbo-core that contains
several 1^ level packages (and a correct setup.py), one of which is 'jumbo',
I get to the point that:

  1. source is added to ./dev/jumbo-core

  2. an egg-link is added to develop-eggs/jumbo-core.egg-link pointing to
     the correct path where the hg repository is checked out, but that path
     is not added to the sys.path. My configuration is as follows::

      develop = .
      parts = python scripts test ipython
      extensions = gp.vcsdevelop
      develop-dir = ./dev
      vcs-extend-develop = hg+${thunder:jumbonew}/jumbo-core#egg=jumbo-core

      recipe = zc.recipe.egg
      interpreter = python
      eggs = lunar

Adding 'jumbo' to eggs directive raises the error: "Couldn't find index page
for 'jumbo' (maybe misspelled?)" 

If I add dev/jumbo-core to develop option I get the message::

  Skipping 'hg+/misc/src/hg/thunder/jumbo-new/jumbo-core#egg=jumbo-core'. Package is already in the develop option

but dev/jumbo-core is not added to the sys.path.

Any hint is appreciated.


Sandro Dentella  *:-)
http://www.reteisi.org             Soluzioni libere per le scuole
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