[Distutils] command hooks...

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Tue May 1 20:38:23 CEST 2012

On 05/01/2012 02:28 PM, Paul Moore wrote:
> On 1 May 2012 17:40, Chris McDonough<chrism at plope.com>  wrote:
>> Georg Brandl was trying to herd cats on outstanding PEPs today:
>> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2012-May/119157.html
>> Is there a PEP for the "packaging" package?  Is there any sort of unfinished
>> business I can help with?
> AFAIK, there's no specific PEP for packaging (there are a number of
> related PEPs, but nothing specific like a roadmap).
> I'm sure Éric can give you much better pointers on what would be
> useful, but one issue I've tried to raise a few times, and more
> recently Jim Fulton raised here
> (http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2012-March/018323.html)
> is that of binary distribution support in packaging2. I've never had
> the time to shepherd a proposal through beyond the "initial debate"
> stage, and I know it's not getting high on Éric's list of priorities,
> but it would be good to see some movement on this.
> I can offer opinions, Windows testing, and assistance, but I really
> don't have the time to make this happen. But I honestly believe that
> unless packaging has binary distribution support, it won't get
> "critical mass", on Windows if nowhere else.

Yeah, it's kinda required.  We currently tell people to avoid pip 
because it doesn't support installation of binary distributions.  It's 
just too hard to document the corner cases of using both pip and 
easy_install at the same time, or telling Windows people to use 
easy_install and UNIX people to use pip, or some combination thereof.

I'm not sure if other features we (the Pylons project) make heavy use of 
like extras, console scripts, entry points, and testing hooks are 
currently supported, but if they aren't I'd be willing to help add them 
as necessary.  We wouldn't really be able to use it without this stuff, 
in any case.

> Just a thought - if it's where your interests lie, that would be great.
> Paul.

In a perfect world, I'd not be volunteering, but it looks like I have to 
if I want to be able to get to bitch. ;-)

- C

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