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Tarek Ziadé tarek at ziade.org
Wed May 16 10:42:04 CEST 2012

Taking off Guido, I don't think he needs to be in the whole thread

On 5/16/12 10:30 AM, Paul Moore wrote:
> I'm happy to summarise this on there. Let me know a link to the wiki 
> page. 
I created http://wiki.python.org/moin/Packaging/Roadmap

> But 2 points:
> 1. Binary distributions is *not* a Windows issue. I originally pitched
> it as such, because that's where I care, but other people chimed in
> with an interest from a non-Windows POV. I can't comment on those
> requirements, though. And part of the problem is getting someone to
> make a unified statement. I drafted a PEP based around this, but Éric
> wanted to have a think about it, and it stalled. We also had other
> suggestions from Jim Fulton and Vinay Sanjip on various lists. So
> someone needs to take a lead on unifying all this.
Yeah definitely agreed. Although it impacts windows the most because 
it's easier on other platform
to deal with source archives.

> 2. The main Windows issue is that there are still a lot of bugs.
> Whenever I test stuff, I usually find myself hitting one or two bugs,
> often existing ones (I don't often get to report new bugs :-)) and
> then I'm stuck, unless I fix those bugs, which I often can't (or don't
> have the time to). So my efforts stall.

Yeah. And those bugs where in Distutils. What I mean is that Packaging 
has not improved much in this corner of distutils,
but has not made it worse, and the tools are still accessible under the 
new version.

>   I'll have another try at using
> packaging in the 3.3a2 release and see what the picture looks like
> now. (Note - my key use case at the moment is pysetup install stuff
> from pypi, I'm not writing my own packages, so it's the backward
> compatibility with existing distutils-based packages that I'll be
> testing, and which is key for me).
Ok thanks
>> Windows binaries were kept because it seems easy and feasible to maintain
>> those from the stdlib --
>> but they still smell like old stuff because we don't have a Mr Windows in
>> the distutils project.
>> It was mostly Martin doing the legit work to make it work, and a couple of
>> other people (forgive
>> me if I forget someone)
>> So... the windows binary story will improve if we get a champion for this.
> Agreed. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to be such a champion.
> But nevertheless, the current story with
> distutils/setuptools/distribute on Windows is perfectly fine, so
> unless packaging can get to that standard, I can't honestly suggest to
> people that they should switch over. It's a high bar to reach
> (particularly with such limited Windows expertise available) but
> necessary, IMO.
Definitely ! I am afraid the scope is so wide that it's impossible to 
address all problems for v1

Another part were we lack a champion: compilers

> Paul.

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