[Distutils] [Python-Dev] [Catalog-sig] accept the wheel PEPs425, 426, 427

a.cavallo at cavallinux.eu a.cavallo at cavallinux.eu
Tue Nov 13 17:43:22 CET 2012

I'll give you that number(?) but ...

mercurial, docutils, jinjia2 pygments, sphinx, lxml, nose, cherrypy, django, pyqt ...
all they don't need/use setuptools: that 25% left is quite an interesting field
to play in.

If setuptools was "significant packaging innovation" do you think people wouldn't
have embraced already?
Allow me to call *that* a nonsense.


ps. my experience is on the field, so please give me the credit of many years of
experience if I'm say I'm not that keen on "auto" tools: in this kiss rules.

On Tue 13/11/12 17:35, "Daniel Holth" dholth at gmail.com wrote:
> Setuptools! You would avoid 75% of pypi. It is nonsense to pretend
> that setuptools is not a significant packaging innovation. Its main
> flaw is that it is based on distutils, a non-extensible design.
> distutils2 is a lot of setuptools and distutils code with the
> plug-ability taken out.
> Perhaps I should say that I would like distutils to become as
> relevant to packaging as the cgi module is to web development. It is
> not a short-term goal.

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