[Distutils] why not link modules against msvcrt.dll istead of versioned msvcr*.dll? (mingw32)

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Thu Nov 15 03:39:48 CET 2012


Thanks for reporting the bug.  I hope one of the few core devs with
Windows knowledge will be able to help me.

> I agree that reading bug comments by core devs is really frustrating, 
> especially since distutils is frozen (which means for them that bugs 
> don't get fixed)
No, it means that bug fixes can go (for 2.7, 3.3 and for a little bit
longer 3.2) but new features or cleanups are not possible.

> and python 2.7 is bugfix only (which means that they 
> don't care about it).
Actually it’s because we care about 2.7 and its many users that it is
going to get bug fixes for twice as long as other releases.


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