[Distutils] [Python-Dev] Accept just PEP-0426

Daniel Holth dholth at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 04:30:59 CET 2012

The section could definitely be much clearer. How about:

Provides-Dist (multiple use)

Each entry contains a string naming a requirement that is satisfied by
installing this distribution.  This field *must* include the project
identified in the ``Name`` field, optionally followed by the version:
Name (Version).

A distribution may provide additional names, e.g. to indicate that
multiple projects have been merged into a single distribution or to
indicate that this project is a substitute for another.  For instance
distribute (a fork of setuptools) could ``Provides-Dist`` setuptools to
prevent the conflicting package from being downloaded and installed when
distribute is already installed.  A distribution that has been merged
with another might ``Provides-Dist`` the obsolete name(s) to satisfy
any projects that require the obsolete distribution's name.
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