[Distutils] easy_install installed but not working

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>  I installed Jython 2.5.3 on Windows 7. I set up the environment variable
> to the main directory and the path. It works as I can type "jython" at a
> DOS prompt and see the >>> and the version statement print out. I
> downloaded the easy_install file and put it on my C:\ez_setup.py. I
> navigated to it and issued "jython ez_setup.py". It installed as I saw the
> same message that Appendix A of the Jython book shows/comments on:
> http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/appendixA.html  I looked in
> C:\jython2.5.3\bin and lib\site-packages and see some easy_install
> (easy_install and easy_install2.5) and setuptools files there. However,
> when I go to a DOS prompt to retrieve Django and Django-jython with
> easy_install I can't. I am told that there is no such program. I have used
> the absolute path to the jython/bin directory as well as just the command
> easy_install as I have added the jython/bin to my environment variable. I
> have even restarted my laptop. No luck,yet. So I am confused as to what the
> problem is. I read on the easy_install web site that there is a .exe file
> for Windows. I do not see that. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Setuptools doesn't know how to create .exe files for Jython.  So, to run
easy_install with Jython, use, something like  "jython -m easy_install
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