[Distutils] PEP440 and fork versioning

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 20:23:48 CEST 2013

Distros actually need to do this fairly regularly for security patches
and packaging tweaks, so it may be a good idea. I think local updates
were one of the intended uses for post-releases, but that doesn't work
if upstream is also using that suffix (and we know some projects do).

*If* this was added to the PEP, I would add it as a new optional
".localN" suffix, with a recommendation that public index servers MUST
disallow use of local numbering, since it is intended for downstream
integrators to indicate the inclusion of additional changes relative
to the upstream version. Outside a given integrators environment, the
local numbering is no longer valid.

Currently, the PEP assumes the use of an external numbering system to
track that kind of local change (e.g. with RPM, one common tactic is
to increase the release level rather than the version, so the version
continues to match the upstream base). The rationale for adding it
directly to the PEP would be to let people accurately track versions
for local modifications, even if they're using virtualenv as their
integration environment.

"Provides" is a bit different, in that it covers more permanent forks
and name changes, rather than the "fix things locally for immediate
use, submit upstream patch as a good open source citizen" and
"backport selected bug fixes from later versions" workflows that are
pretty common in larger integration projects like Linux distros.


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