[Distutils] Multi-version import support for wheel files

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 00:45:17 CEST 2013

I think we're actually all in violent agreement at this point. I mainly
wanted to ensure we had a sensible path forward for this capability that
could be made backwards compatible with pkg_resources without too much
difficulty :)

To summarise:

* default versions will continue to work as they do now
* the next generation installation database spec will define a wheel
inspired layout for alternative versions
* by analogy with egg/egg-info the likely extension for this format is
* for easy discoverability on existing versions of Python, these will be
allowed anywhere on sys.path. A future version of Python may define a
dedicated "alt-packages" directory, but that won't happen for Python 3.4.
* projects that need the alternative versions will need to do *some* kind
of sys.path manipulation to make them available for import. I plan to
ensure that the new layout "just works" for at least pkg_resources users
(once they update to a sufficiently recent version)
* this isn't a pip 1.5 timeline idea, but I'll aim to have the installation
database spec updated and a coherent proposal together for pip 1.6 to add a
"pip altinstall" command that uses the standard layout and naming scheme.
Setting the target directory explicitly is sufficient for experimentation
with pip, so a command to make it easy isn't urgent.
* until this ready, users that need the capability can continue to use the
egg layout.

Note that this proposal *does not* attempt to solve the "share
distributions between virtual environments" problem. That's far more
complex, as it requires a cross-platform solution for both namespace
package compatible indirect imports (which Eric Snow and I hope to have
ready for 3.4), a "dist-link" equivalent to "egg-link" files (mostly a
rebranding of an existing tool, but with added support for partially
qualified versions) *and* an unversioned way to advertise the fact that the
default metadata lives somewhere else (dist-info-link, perhaps?). It is
likely that only the "dist-link" part would work completely on earlier
Python versions (although it's possible a metapath hook could make the
necessary indirect import features available).

Note that symlink farms don't really solve the problem, since you can't
readily upgrade the symlinked version due to the version being embedded in
the dist-info directory name.

It's going to take a while to get all the pieces in place, but I'm hopeful
we can get this sorted in the pip 1.6 or 1.7 time frame.

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