[Distutils] migration path for entry_points?

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 21:05:53 CET 2013

ok, so PEP459 has exports:
and distlib seems to be implementing them.

and "exports" seem to be entry points 2.0.

so theoretically, when PEP426/PEP459 becomes live....

what does that mean for setuptools-based projects? (I understand that we
might not have a clear idea now, but just trying to narrow down the

1)  the setuptools "entry_points" keyword (and pkg_resources api) gets
re-implemented to understand PEP459 exports?
2) "entry_points" keeps the old implementation, and possibly tools are
written to handle the old and new metadata?
3) "entry_points" are stranded, and consumers have to rewrite setup.py
files to use some new keyword that understands PEP459
4) something altogether different...

as for why I'm asking, pip itself is considering command extensions, so
it's a direct practical matter for us.

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