[Distutils] New draft of PEP 426

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 22:07:41 CET 2013

>> .devN, aN, bN, cN, rcN, <no suffix>, .postN

ok, cool.  my concern was that the general nature ".dev" might be lost, but
it's not.

i.e. what Toshio was talking about last year when he said:
"People were very clear that they wanted to be able to stick dev versions
in the middle of their attempt to release alphas, betas, rcs, and finals."
i.e. stuff like this "1.0a1.dev1".

as for existing projects using the top-level "X.Ydev" form (i.e. no "."), I
guess whenever they end up rebuilding a dist using a tool that's writing
1.3 metadata, I guess the hope would be that those tools would warn or fail
and say, "you need to convert your scheme..."

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